Hi guys,

My names Alyssa, welcome to my blog! This is something completely out of my comfort zone, but something I have been talked into by someone very close to me, so here I am!

As the name suggests, this blog is going to be all about my battle with eczema, and the journey to loving my skin. I will document products that I currently use and love and will try new products and let you all know how they work out for me and hopefully help others on a similar journey.

For those of you that don’t know, eczema is a skin condition in where patches of skin become rough and inflamed causing itching and bleeding. I have suffered from eczema my whole life but have recently gotten to the point where it is starting to hold me back from things and I am really starting to notice my sensitivity to certain products and ingredients and have to find alternatives.

Eczema is often caused by intolerances to certain foods, and further flared up by ingredients such as sulfates and parabens which are SO unbelievably common in so many everyday products. I have never been for an official allergy test, (which is something I hope to do in the near future) but have come to the conclusion that it is more than likely dairy and gluten that are the two main culprites. But because food is life, it’s been hard for me to give up either of these and instead I’m looking to find products to manage my eczema.

Lately, my eczema is up there with the worst it’s ever been and so as summer is fast approaching and I can’t hind behind jeans and jumpers forever, I have decided to blog about what works for me, what doesn’t and the products I can’t live without – and trust me, I’ve just about tried it all!

So, stay tuned for updates on my progress, product reviews and of course a list of all my faves. I look forward to reading comments from those of you with a similar skin story or suggestions of products that you think might change my life!

Talk soon,

Alyssa x

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